Visa Issues

1. Application Form for Overseas Students to China (JW202 Form)

Before enrolment at CEIBS, full-time MBA students must get approval from the Shanghai Education Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office where Application Forms for Overseas Students to China (JW202 Form) are issued. Using the JW202 form, foreign full-time MBA students can apply for a Student Visa (X1-Visa) at their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate before entering China. MBA admissions office and the school’s Foreign Affairs Office will support the JW202 form approval and mail the original copy of JW202 form back to students for the Student Visa (X1-Visa) application to enter China.

2. Health Certificate

Some Chinese Embassies or Consulates General will require a medical check report/health certificate for visa application. Foreign students need to contact their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate General for details.

3. Where and How to apply for a Student Visa (X1-Visa)

Foreign students are normally requested to apply for a Student Visa (X1-Visa) in person or by mail before entering China. The following are the required documents that need to be submitted to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant's country of residence:

  • The applicant's passport with at least a 1.5 year validity period, and a photocopy
  • An original copy of the JW202 Form
  • An original copy of health certificates 
  • An original copy of the CEIBS MBA Admission letter
  • Relevant fees